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It's Time to Help Have More Impact In Your Business
and Create More Freedom In Your Life…
Learn How to Think and Implement
Like a 7-Figure Business Owner Who Has a Massive Following!
Are you tired of learning more and more, acquiring more certifications, making yourself a better person, but it not showing up in your business results?
Are you frustrated and losing the joy and enthusiasm that once led you down the path of starting your business as a soulful entrepreneur so you try (aka pray) harder and harder to experience the success you desire?

Eventually, following the same patterns and putting in the effort to grow your business becomes frustrating as you’re STILL not getting the results you desire. You hope something is about to change - and then you realize you’re literally insane because you’re doing the same thing you did three months ago.

You’re stuck. And you don’t know what to do.

Here’s the thing: I DO.

The problem is you don’t know what you don’t know.

If you did, you’d already have the results you want.

I’ve been there - and I can tell you exactly what to do to get out of the cycle you’re in.

Most of my clients are the smartest people in the room. They are top performers, experts in their field, true masters. And yet they still find themselves in this place of struggle, not knowing what to do next, and working way harder than feels good - without seeing results.

I was in that same place until I realized my blindspot - money. And once I discovered that it was money that would allow me to become more powerful, free, and more deeply integrated into my service than ever before, my work as a spiritual entrepreneur took off.

The truth is, breaking through to 7 figures isn’t hard. (And you CAN claim the same abundance I did so you can better serve your community and make an impact on the world.)

You just need to know the next right move.

That’s where I come in.

My course, 7 Core Masteries for a 7-Figure Business, will give you the next right move. I’ll teach you the exact tools and strategies you need to create and sustain the 7-figure business of your vision.

I’ve done this - I know what it takes. I’ve built my business from startup to 7 figures in only two years - and I can teach you how to do this.

I'm not dumbing anything down here - this course contains everything I teach my VIP 1:1 clients in my six figure programs, synthesized and organized to make it work with your schedule. It’s unique, potent, and captures the best of all of my foundational teachings for strategy, mindset, sales, and business building in one place.

This is the right opportunity if you are ready to get real, in the bank results.
You’ve got nothing to lose...
100% Risk-Free Guaranteed.
If you’re feeling a “YES” to joining me, I want to make this really easy for you. If after the second training, you feel this program will not positively impact your business, simply send an email to and receive a full refund.

Need a little more encouragement? Here are a few testimonials from my clients:
When I started working with Jesse, I had made $6,000 one month and had wildly inconsistent results otherwise. Within one week of signing up with Jesse, I made $11,500 and within three months I took my income to $20,000 per month consistently. I feel a sense of freedom in my business and my life that is what I was searching for all along. ~ Tristan Gutner, Owner and Founder of Tristan Gutner Coaching
"I am so thankful to Jesse and her team for all the love and for holding such a profound space for me as I continue to grow and shine in HUGE ways. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to triple my weekly income, multiply my confidence by a million, and clarify what I want my business to look and feel like. Working with Jesse has led me down a beautiful road of self-love and an uplevel in the belief in what I’m doing to serve others. Visibility for me now is exciting, and no longer daunting, because I absolutely love and believe in my path, and the clients I am meant to be serving."~ Erica Shane, Pediatric Gentle Sleep Coach
Introducing the
7 Core Masteries
An 8 Week Virtual Course to Take Your Business to 7 Figures
  •   8 modules of incredible content including video trainings, audio meditations, interactive worksheets, and case studies to help you work through tough exercises
  •   LIVE Q&A calls, twice every month with ME in real time!
  •   An active and masterfully facilitated private Facebook group for you and your fellow business owners to build community, ask questions, and receive support.
Mastery #1
If you aren’t thinking like a 7 figure business owner, you won’t make 7 figures - period, the end. 

This module is all about mindset and is designed to guide you through the process of dressing, acting, interacting, and spending like a 7 figure business owner. 

Get ready to look in the mirror and GROW.
Mastery #2
Who does your business truly serve? How well do you know your ideal client and their problem? 

To build a 7 figure business, your understanding about your ideal client needs to be clearer than ever before - and your lack of revenue shows you where you need to get clearer. 

In this module, I will guide you through an advanced process for creating this clarity and the implementation that comes with that.
Mastery #3
The entire cost of this course is worth this one module alone! 

I built my first business from startup to 7 figures in 24 months on the exact strategies I will share with you during this module. You cannot have a profitable business without mastering sales AND implementing a scalable system around sales mastery. 

Want true financial freedom? This is the information you’ve been searching for. (And it’s so much FUN!)
Mastery #4
Every successful business needs structure - processes, systems, and routines - to grow. Smaller businesses can operate with a certain degree of disorganization and chaos - not a 7 figure business. You can’t be constantly re-inventing the wheel. 

 In this module, I’ll walk you through the creation of your own Operations Manual. It’s time for an upgrade, powerhouse!
Mastery #5
For your business to grow, you need to grow too. If you truly desire MORE, your whole life will shift as well. 

In this module, I will teach you why you resist the change you crave and how to overcome your own subconscious programming. 

Prepare for some discomfort and a lot of playful creativity - ready to skydive?!
Mastery #6
The mainstream teaches us to accept mediocrity and struggle. 

During this module, I will help you shine a light on your current tolerations, how they are serving you (they are or you wouldn’t still have them in your life), and how to radically and quickly raise your standards.
Mastery #7
If your business is made up of only one person, it can’t go on without you. It’s not scalable. Maybe you’re a superhero but… you’re only one person. 

Who you place around you and how they adopt your vision and follow your lead will make or break the next level of your business. If you are at 6 figures right now, this module will catapult your growth!
In Addition to Course Curriculum You Receive:
Mastery Meditations
Experience what hundreds of others have experienced through my guided meditations. If you are struggling with boredom, losing focus or feeling inadequate, these meditations are powerful, transformational, and cut right through the subconscious.
- Value - $1,500 
LIVE Group Q/A's with Jesse 
During these LIVE Q&A sessions, you will get direct access to me to answer whatever questions arise as you work through the material of the course. Not only will you benefit from the laser-focused answers I have for you, but also from questions your fellow participants ask that you haven't even thought to ask about. Prioritize these calls - they’re priceless. (But I’ll put a price tag on them!)
- Value - $5,000 
For each module, I’ve created interactive worksheets and online tools to help you ask the right questions and get the most out of the content. You will be able to download these tools and work through them at your convenience in each module.
- Value - $4,000
Private Facebook Group
The power of connection and collaboration with like-minded business owners is essential when we’re doing powerful growth work - especially around money. This Facebook group is a space to grow, network and inspire. Mastery requires the opportunity to practice showing up as the 7 figure version of yourself - start here!
- Value - $3,500
Are you ready to stop working so hard without getting the result?
Are you ready to really go for it and break through to 7 figures once and for all?
Do you know what it’s like when that moment of revelation hits you? And you suddenly KNOW what you need to do next? Those are the moments when you’re truly learning to create the business and life you truly desire. 

Those are the moments I want to give you - every week!

If you want the learning that will result in power awarenesses, give you concrete action steps to increase your revenue and see your vision through to its full realization… 

Enroll today. 
Introductory Price of ONLY $997
100% Risk-Free Guaranteed.
If after the 2nd training, you feel this program will not positively impact 
your life, simply send an email to 
and receive a full refund. 
How do I know this course is right for me?
This program is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to increase their revenue from 6 to 7 figures - and beyond. If you’re ready to learn how to think and implement like a 7 figure business owner - and you’re serious about getting results, this course is for you.

I have spent a ton on courses and programs in the past - how do I know this will work for me?  
I’m so glad you asked. You and I both know there’s no magic pill for changing your financial results. Are you committed to doing the work? Especially when it gets uncomfortable? Whatever you put into this course is what you’ll get out of it. I guarantee it. 

Can my team or business partner join me in the course? 
This is a very personal course and process - so in this case, no. We would love to support your team or partner in doing this work for themselves, however. So if you’d like them to have access, please encourage them to purchase the course.

What if I want more hands-on and customized support? Can I work with you more closely? 
Absolutely! I offer a few different group programs as well as 1:1 coaching. Email my team at, let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll have a conversation to see what the right program is for you.

How is this course different from other programs you offer?  
Great question! The content of this course has been streamlined and organized in small chunks to make it easy to digest. It’s also multidisciplinary: you can watch it, read it, take it to the gym and listen to it - whatever learning style works best for you. This course is structured so that you can do it on your schedule, on your own time - my other programs are all live which means there’s a scheduled time and you better be there! 

How do the live Q&A sessions work? 
Each month, we’ll meet two times on Zoom for an hour and as long as you have questions, I’ll stay on the line and answer them! There’s nothing that’s off the table - you can ask any question you want. These calls are confidential and will only be available live. 

Can I go at my own pace? 
Yes and no. I have designed the course to set you up for success - that’s why you’ll receive one new module each week instead of downloading the whole course all at once. The material in this course is cumulative - each module builds on the last. So I recommend that you work through the course in order and in its entirety, completing each module in a week so that you’re really ready for new content. AND you’ll also have lifetime access to the course - so when you want to go back and review material, it’s all there for you.

Will you chase me down to make sure I’ve done the assignments? 
Nope! The accountability in this program is all on you. You’re a 7 figure business owner - I know you can do it!

How big of a time commitment is this course? 
This will vary depending on how fast you work and how deep you go. I recommend allocating about two hours per week to work through each module, two hours per month for the live Q&A, and about an hour per month for interacting in the Facebook group - that’s a 26-hour time commitment over two months. All the other work that you do as you integrate the course should feel like a regular part of your business - not a separate activity. 

How long is the course?  
The course itself is 8 modules, designed to be completed in just under two months. We'll send you one module every week once you begin. Each module has a variety of resources, including video trainings, audio resources, and pdf exercises for you to print out and work on. You'll have lifetime access to the course so you can buy now and start later - but why wait!

What if I’m not already making 6 figures? 
You are bold, capable, and ready for more - and all the tools in this course are going to treat you that way. If you want to be here, do it - and use it to stretch you further than you’ve ever stretched before.
    Jesse Johnson is the CEO and Founder of Jesse Johnson Coaching, Inc., a 7 figure personal development company helping ambitious, soulful entrepreneurs live their purpose, make a huge impact, and increase their revenue--fast! Forever motivated by the deep desire for connection, impact, and service, Jesse helps her clients - master coaches, spiritual teachers, and healers - realize their unique potential for profit, impact, and freedom. Jesse teaches sales as a spiritual practice, entrepreneurship as service, and transformation as an expression of love - all with clarity, ease, and efficiency.
    Jesse Johnson is the CEO and Founder of Jesse Johnson Coaching, Inc., a 7 figure personal development company helping ambitious, soulful entrepreneurs live their purpose, make a huge impact, and increase their revenue--fast! Forever motivated by the deep desire for connection, impact, and service, Jesse helps her clients - master coaches, spiritual teachers, and healers - realize their unique potential for profit, impact, and freedom. Jesse teaches sales as a spiritual practice, entrepreneurship as service, and transformation as an expression of love - all with clarity, ease, and efficiency.
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