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Energetics of sales!
Sales is a spiritual practice. It’s a tool for being even more alive, and even more aware of what you’re doing on the inside - spirit, heart, and soul. Whatever makes life rich and awesome is the same thing that makes sales rich and awesome... 
This Mini-Course is for you if:
  • You desire a real lasting SHIFT financially
  • You don't want to feel 'bad' when you sell. 
  • You want to experience a deeper spiritual connection to the sales process
During the ENERGETICS of SALES Training you will:
  • Learn how to VIRUS proof your business.  You are not held captive by the circumstances of the world around us.  There is infinite abundance still circulating. 
  • Dive into your confidence and trusting what you KNOW to be true in the midst of the sales conversation. 
  • Step into your expert AUTHORITY in a way that draws prospects in desiring more connection, service and direction from you. 
  • ​Gain the CLARITY in any conversation that you need to lead a prospect to a decision.
“My revenue went up by about 90% since working with Jesse. I have more confidence in what I do, more love for my clients, and more love for my life. I’ve paid other coaches before, and have received a lot of nuts and bolts - but none have been so elevated, and so expansive for me as Jesse. In the world of coaching, you can get coached by a mechanic to fix & compete, or you can get coached by a magician to create and attract, leveraging your innate Being, while you work out the mechanics easily. Jesse is magic.”
Dr. Steven Giron, Ph.D. Certified Master Facilitator Higher Brain Living®

I am an activator—a success and mindset coach who helps ambitious, soulful entrepreneurs live out their purpose, make an impact, and increase their revenue with clarity, ease, and efficiency.
My gift lies in the ability to help you see your potential for profit, impact, and freedom in your life. 

It’s a gift that has not only allowed me to build my own multi-million dollar company from scratch (in only 24 months), but also support my clients as they do the same.
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