Money, Mindset & Meditation
Discover the spiritual money techniques that will help you FEEL GOOD and become a magnet for what you want!
With Jesse Johnson,
Spiritual Teacher and Money Mentor
2 Day Transformational Retreat
March 15th and 16th, 2020
 Venice, California
It’s Time For Your Ascension.
Listen Up.
As a spiritual teacher, a healer, a coach, a transformation specialist… 
It is your JOB to master money.

It’s everyone’s job, really. 
But you guys are the freedom teachers. And if you don’t understand money, you can’t teach freedom all the way. 

Because worry about money is lurking in the corners of everyone’s mind. 
And the potential for financial freedom is waiting just around those corners. 

Money touches everything.

Food, water, shelter, even air - there's nothing that money doesn't touch.
Coffee cups.

That's why it is your work as a spiritual teacher, healer, coach and visionary to master money.
It’s the next frontier of your freedom.

Most people are moving through life as if they’re a victim to money. 
Is This You:
  • Are you secretly being driven by fear - yes you seem successful in your business but there is always an underlying fear that there will not be enough money for the month.
  • Constantly feeling the strain of the 'hustle' that is needed to maintain your revenue responsibilities.
  • ​Even when you see money in the bank you don't feel you have the freedom or security to make decisions based on what you desire, but instead it never feels like enough.
Let's go one step deeper... is this you:
  • Do you primarily feel relief and a sense of bliss and joy when you’re meditating, or on retreat? Spiritual folks are masters of escape, and it can be tricky to identify if you’re using your spiritual practice to go deeper, or to get out of the material world. 
  • ​Are you deeply excited and grateful when you pay your taxes or are you avoiding responsibilities that feel too heavy or hard to face? Some of you out there don’t even pay your taxes - I know it because you tell me about it!
  • Do you use “divine timing” to justify why you haven’t created what you’ve dreamed in the secret thoughts of your own mind?
If so, you’ve got some work to do on yourself - which is awesome! 
AND - Mastering money is one of the best tools to take you to full spiritual freedom.
During our time together we will explore through profound meditation and divinely guided revelation exactly how to connect and embrace your destiny to create the life, business and wealth you desire.

I’ll walk you through a proven five-step process for how to build your authentic, successful, soul-based business. I will provide you with high-value resources and simple but incredibly powerful tools you literally can’t get anywhere else. You WILL leave with a concrete plan for success, and the readiness to go out and make it happen the very same day. You’ll know what you want your wealth to look like and how you’re going to get there. You’ll have clarity on moving through obstacles as they arise. 

Plus - this event provides all the benefits and renewal of a healing retreat!  

We’ll gather in a beautiful sacred space near the beach, meditate and journal, visit the ocean and move together, taking expansive breaks to feed our bodies and integrate our experiences. We will come together with like-minded people to sink deeply into the depth and layers of what it means to have a spirit-based business tapped fully into our Divine destined purposes 

Think of this as a retreat to connect directly and deeply with both god and money… at the same time!

Join me and experience this deep inner work of wealth to produce the life you were created to live.

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Meet Jesse Johnson
Spirtual Teacher, Money Mentor
Jesse is the CEO and Founder of Jesse Johnson Coaching, Inc., a 7-figure personal development company helping ambitious, soulful entrepreneurs live their purpose, make a huge impact, and increase their revenue–fast! Forever motivated by the deep desire for connection, impact, and service, Jesse helps her clients – master coaches, spiritual teachers, and healers – realize their unique potential for profit, impact, and freedom. 
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