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Our clients have used the content from MMM to literally make in a month what they previously were making in a year.

You have a GIFT to share with the world.  It is burning you up inside, knowing you can help heal a broken world.  

Not knowing HOW shouldn't stop you from building the business you desire.  Learn how to sell your services and serve your community! 

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As a spiritual teacher, a healer, a coach, a transformation specialist… 
It is your JOB to master money.

Are you stuck? Not sure how to get your GIFT out into the world? Doubtful of your ability to create Sustainable Income?

Does this sound familiar:

  •  You have a steady flow of clients but they are NOT your IDEAL client, so you are not super excited to work with them. 
  • ​You are consistently trying to TURN ON the marketing funnel to get more leads through the door but feel like it is a waste of time, money and energy! 
  • Most days it feels like everyone else has figured out something and you are still sitting in the dark, not sure how to turn on the light.
  • ​You simply can't see how to grow your business without working yourself into burn out and life/work balance is very important to you. 
  • ​Your clients get great results but you are not attracting leads that can pay the prices you would like to be selling your services at.
  • ​You simply don't know what your GIFT is but you have a burning desire to launch your business and serve the world. 

Did you say YES to any of the above?

Then I bet you are feeling pretty frustrated and annoyed right now!

Here's the thing - there is a reason what you're trying to do right now isn't working. 

  • All the online trainings, webinars and listening to gurus are not getting you results.
  • Your conversations aren't resulting in closed business at the income level you desire.
  • ​Your efforts are leaving you drained of creativity and feeling like it is time to give up.

All of this because you are out of alignment in one of these 3 areas 
(or could be all 3):  

  • Your relationship with MONEY is unhealthy.
  • Your MINDSET about your business, clients or potential is contaminated.
  • ​ Your MEDITATION practice or connection to God is broken.

Imagine if this were your reality:

  • You get up everyday connected to God, Source, Universe
  • ​You set your intention and your focus for what you desire - surrounded with infinite opportunity and absolute control of your future, bank account and service
  • You connect deeply and intentionally with your ideal clients for both service and sales
  • You have the confidence to ask for AND receive the revenue you desire
  • ​You have permission to say no to anyone you don't want to work with because they don't excite you
  • ​You are powerfully skilled in both impacting with your GIFT and selling your GIFT
  • ​You radiate the love and devotion you desire to see in the world around you
  • You always know what your next steps are

Tamara Arnold

Spiritual Wealth and Business Coach

Bestselling Author

This moment CHANGED MY LIFE.

I was a struggling new author and coach who got caught in every shiny new offer thinking it would "save" my business and the key to the success I wanted so desperately. My husband and I had recently sold our house to pay down debt that I had accumulated buying into every coach, product and service that someone told me would help. I was making multiple six figures a year and my mortgage payment was bouncing because I was throwing money away from me faster than I could make.
When I signed up with Jesse, I knew I could use the sale of my house to find the deposit, which meant I was taking it from paying down other coaching debt. This was a very uncomfortable place to be: to trust that there was more available and that even though I did not know where my monthly payments would be coming from, that I could make them.

This would be the most uncomfortable and growth shifting experience of my life. I signed up with Jesse at the end of June 2019 and within 6 months had paid off the entirety of my six figure coaching program. I ended 2019 with a $74,000 and $85,000 month. Since November of 2019 I have doubled my revenue as a company, having made just shy of $300,000 my previous year to now making close to $600,000 this fiscal year.
There were moments where I didn’t believe that I could do this, that I was mad at even thinking I was the person who could make money and live the dream I was placed on this earth to live.
Believing I could do it - that even when I couldn’t see the result, it existed, it was for me - this was hard AF.
I remember thinking I couldn’t make one of my payments and talking to Jesse before going in to get my hair done. I was pissed, mad that she told me that I was ready for this coaching. When I was done with our call, I did what she asked and made my payment.
This moment CHANGED MY LIFE.
I believed in myself.
Someone else believed in me and held my vision.
It was after this peak discomfort that my ability to show up and serve confidently happened and the money flowed. The next two months I made enough to pay off my contract, book a first class flight to India and bought my husband a giant 70" tv for his gaming enjoyment.

This Virtual Immersive Training is for SPIRITUAL TEACHERS, HEALERS, COACHES, and TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS… who want to powerfully impact the world around them and make REALLY great money doing it. 

This  Immersive Training  is for SPIRITUAL TEACHERS, HEALERS, COACHES, and TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS… who want to powerfully impact the world around them and make REALLY great money doing it. 

Madhuri Pura Dasa,
Spiritual Health and Wellness Coach 

In 6 Weeks Turned Annual Income Into MONTHLY!

"I chose to work with Jesse because she is a gifted spiritualist, a dear friend, and a master at what she does. She walks the talk and encourages the heck out of me. It would take hours to explain what I’ve learned from Jesse - everything from seeing my worth, enhancing my spiritual connection, sales mastery, service based coaching, and many more practices and tools that have helped me serve more amazing people. After years and years of living with poverty mentality, I now see, utilize, and appreciate my value to serve with integrity and responsibly use Krishnas resources to make a powerful difference in the world. 

Concretely, in less than 6 weeks I turned my annual income into my monthly income, and have built a business that will sustainably bring in $20k every month! Jesse, I am beyond grateful for you! I cannot wait to serve you more and make you even more and more proud of me. You are truly incredibly empowered by Krishna." 

Madhuri Pura Dasa,
Spiritual Health and Wellness Coach 

During this Training, I will walk you through the EXACT 6 steps that took me from 0 to 7 figures in only 24 months!

Not only my story - but the story of many of my clients who have 10X their income by following these 6 Steps to get REAL RESULTS - REAL QUICK.

But here's the thing we all know if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.  So I want to shoot straight with you.  

I made some mistakes (costly 100K + kinda mistakes) along the way.

Specifically in not staying centered on my truth and being swayed by all the busyness that is online business development and internet marketing.  

And losing sight of the value and impact of MY GIFT, by the sway of all I read and heard.

This was costly.

But it wasn't only the external noise that distracted me.  

There was plenty of internal dialogue, stories from my childhood, limiting beliefs that played a part in keeping me playing small or sabotaging the fullness of my potential.

During the course of the training together we are going to confront and confine the sabotage around your business (and life) and your potential to 10X your revenue.  

Yes, I keep saying 10X your revenue and yes, I know you are uncomfortable with it.  

I know you feel like it's a gimmick, or a sales pitch.  But for just a moment I want you to wonder 'what if it's not' what if you really can move into the future you desire.

If these 6 Steps worked for me and are working for my clients, why wouldn't they work for you?


You are reading this page because your desire is to do the same!

Before I started working with a coach I had no idea what was really possible for my business.  There was an expansion of understanding that was needed for me to really grasp the opportunity of serving the world with my GIFT.

Sure I had a desire.  I really wanted to leave my job as a NYC public school math teacher and activate all the creativity and love that was within me to make the world a better place.

But I didn't KNOW what my GIFT was or how it could generate income.  

It just started with a desire for more.

Much like the desire you have right now.  To make a difference.  To serve more people and see them walk in the freedom you have fought so hard to create in your own life.

To be able to build a business that is sustainable in any environment, knowing that not only are you empowering people to invest in themselves (which is the ONLY way any of us every truly make changes) but you are also building the life and lifestyle you desire.

I see you.
I see you Spiritual Teacher, feeling guilty For charging To  connect people to Source when you know it is so fREE to encounter!

I see you Transformational Leader, still a little insecure and not sure why anyone would want to follow you. Not fully understanding the power you generate on this earth or the desperation of those who need to be touched by you.

I see you Artist, Creative, Dancer, trying to figure out how to turn the thing you love the most into an income that will sustain your life and allow you to give your creativity your entire focus.

I see you Smart, Savvy, Business Minded Coach, frustrated with undervaluing your services to meet the need of the prospect.

And know there is an easier way!

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The Impact of Experiencing the Money, Mindset and Meditation Retreat:

This event was super powerful and opened up a doorway for space and integration. I feel more ready and willing to step into my business. Thanks Jesse!
- Jacqueline Rolandelli

Jesse is so fierce when she coaches another. So powerful- “no bullshit” accepted. Really impressive the way she does that while still being super supportive and loving-doesn’t make her clients into victims.
- Leidy Dahiana 

Coming out of this retreat with Jesse, I felt clearer in my vision, curious about how I transform sales into devotional service to the world, and empowered to level up my growth in every area of my life especially money and relationships.
- Yo Wood

I would call this two day event a super green juice smoothie for my mindset and self-belief. I read my notes daily to keep me connected to the felt sense of sacred motivation.
- Michelle Marlahan


Powerful Spiritual Soul it is time to become a Money Master.  Stop allowing money to rob you of your desires, your impact and your TRUTH. There is a NEW source of increase waiting to be attained by you. Let me show you how.


Inside you is an UNSTOPPABLE, IMPACTING Leader!  Empower this source to the center of your focus.  You can no longer be driven by fear, doubt, insecurity and lack.  Step into the truth of the abundant life you deserve. 


The power of your GIFT and your ability to live your life in absolute abundance generates from your ability to connect, commune and receive from God.  This is the outlet in which your true elevation into desire comes from.

Here are a few things you can expect to encounter during our time together:

#1 Deep exploration with what you truly desire.

  •  Do you really know what fuels your desires?
  • What experiences are you withholding because you need permission to desire it
  • Are your desires tied to someone else's expectations on you?
  • ​Are you clear on why you desire what you desire?

#2 Explanation of how to course correct your GPS to get what you desire

  •  Who is really in the drivers seat of your life? 
  • Has fear or lack or the inner wounded child become the ruler of your reality?
  • Can you know HOW to get where you are going if you are not clear on WHERE the destination is?
  • Do you know how to course correct when things are headed in the wrong direction?

#3 Uproot mindsets that create sabotage and induce lack thinking

  • Have you mastered your internal dialog around your vision, truth and potential?
  • Are you rooted in lies that are keeping you playing small? 
  • Do you often get right on the outskirts of your desire just to BLOW IT UP! Then miss the mark all together

#4 Develop a core sense of accountability and who to be accountable to

  • Who is in your corner to ensure you meet your goals?
  •  Understanding how coaching and mentorship are the most effective ways to drive you to the destination you desire.
  • When you become accountable to God for your GIFT everything changes.

#5 Release everything that no longer serves your vision and truest desires

  • What or who are you hanging onto that doesn't fit the version of yourself that has 10X'd your income?
  •  Why does the idea of 10Xing your revenue make you so uncomfortable?

#6 Align your GIFT of service with sales mastery

  • Embracing selling as your truest form of service will shift everything about the way you connect with people.
  •  Understanding the back of the mind / slimey sales feeling, where it comes from and how it is a lie to the truth of sharing your GIFT with the world.
  • ​Shifting your ideology around sales to see the real openness and surrender that it is meant to create for your prospect to confront their truth.

#7 Create your success plan to 10X your revenue through your unique your GIFT

  • Success requires a plan of action.  Action is at the core of all success - know what action to take when to move toward your desires.
  • ​Someone else's plan is not going to make you successful.  You must create the plan that is unique to your GIFT, your target market and your message.

#8 Increase your understanding on how to find and close ideal clients

  •  You don't need a marketing course to connect with and sell your services.  Marketing is great but has nothing to do with closing clients.  It is just a tool, not a destination.  Learn to close.  
  • ​Scope out your sphere of influence to begin to see the low hanging fruit of clientele all around you then dive into the embodiment of serving them to say yes to your offer.

Your Access Includes:

  • ALL ACCESS PASS to the Money, Mindset & Meditation Training (value $1997.00) The 6 Steps sequence I share during this event is the exact steps I took to go from business start up to 7 - Figures. This is the first place to step into mastery around your GIFT and how to impact the world with it. 
  • ​BONUS (value $297) - Application Exercises, Meditations, Shared Coaching Sessions 
  • Community Group - (value $297) to stay connected and to continue to encourage and empower one another! We have a private FB Group you will be invited to where you can bounce ideas off of like minded leaders.

That's $2591 worth of training for
ONLy $

Meet Jesse Johnson
Spirtual Teacher, Money Mentor
Jesse is the CEO and Founder of Jesse Johnson Coaching, Inc., a 7-figure personal development company helping ambitious, soulful entrepreneurs live their purpose, make a huge impact, and increase their revenue–fast! Forever motivated by the deep desire for connection, impact, and service, Jesse helps her clients – master coaches, spiritual teachers, and healers – realize their unique potential for profit, impact, and freedom. 
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