Bold. Unapologetic. Free.
Express ALL of You.
CREATE Consistent, Confident WEALTH.

When did growing your business get so hard?

When did you lose yourself in doing all the things you “should” be doing and all the stuff other people are telling you to be and do?

You’ve been compromising yourself. 
You feel stuck. 
You’re not connected to what you’re putting out there (you know, deep in your soul). 
Social media feels like a grind. 
You don’t love the process of getting out in this virtual world and it’s keeping your business from going to the next level. 

It feels too competitive. It feels too hard.

What the f*$k?!

You feel like you've hit a wall in your business's growth and nothing seems to work. 

Let us let you in on a little secret... that wall has nothing to do with the right strategy or latest program.
It has everything to do with your visibility and authenticity.

You're deeply connected with Self & Source and know why you're on this planet. You share openly with clients and give them everything you've got to create soul-level transformations, movements, and well-being.

You’re a master.
You’re a gem.
You’re the whole package.

But you work too hard.
You give up too much.
And you DON’T feel that way behind the scenes…
And sometimes you’re not sure other people see you either.

Imagine feeling like every sales call was happening with a soul mate who came to earth just to meet you. 

Imagine knowing that you’re sharing your absolute best and most powerful mastery in every moment, no exceptions.

Imagine loving and feeling confident in every aspect of your business, and calling in clients and team members who match you?

Are you really sharing your full heart in your business, or are you doing things that you don’t want to do, overextending or doing jobs you’re not great at? Can people feel your deepest mastery when they check you out on social media, or does it feel watered down, a compromise? 

The world is ready for all of you, but it’s tender to step into that. You’ve got to get out there and let yourself be visible. Really visible. We’re talking 100% you, no reservations, no hiding, embracing all of who you are and what this kind of visibility brings.

You should know, social media, email marketing, websites, and other virtual platforms are meant to be the window into the soul of your business (and ultimately you) - if you let it be.  

We invite you to bare your soul with boldness and no apologies. I’m inviting you to express your raw, uncut essence without hesitation and be…

If you did, what do you think would happen?

How about unadulterated client magnetism.

Or star-exploding supernova light that draws every single one of your people to you like some deep space gravitational pull?

Instead of just checking the boxes of posting on social media or hiding all together, how would it feel if you could use it as:

  • Your canvas for your own self expression
  • ​An authentic platform for connecting with your favorite people
  • A venue for real intimacy
  • An art project

Social media and virtual visibility platforms keep changing and you’ve got to be able to navigate these changes, you know… roll with it.

You do this by trusting your impulses. There’s no need to constantly change your messaging or approach if you simply express your truth.

Doing so gives us a radical opportunity to really change the direction social media culture is moving. We get to make it more authentic, powerful, intimate, and true.
You with me?

It’s not about learning how to use social media or gaining a million followers - it’s about how you share your Self. This is what will align and connect you with your people in a way that unlocks true success in today’s world.

And we know you don’t want it any other way.

It’s time for you to discover your deepest, soulful expression of Self; to choose the platforms you’re aligned with to be visible; and to have your message heard in a way that cuts through the noise and gets you out into the world.

Yeah, baby.

Showing up and shedding your proverbial skin on social media or any virtual visibility platform is akin to a trial by fire, a purification ritual of sorts. But on the other side is the most incredible freedom to be yourself and in doing so, grow your business to multiple 6 figures and more, all while loving your clients (and the process of getting clients) fiercely.

Tamara Arnold

I have doubled my revenue as a company

I was a struggling new author and coach who got caught in every shiny new offer thinking it would "save" my business and the key to the success I wanted so desperately. My husband and I had recently sold our house to pay down debt that I had accumulated buying into every coach, product and service that someone told me would help. I was making multiple six figures a year and my mortgage payment was bouncing because I was throwing money away from me faster than I could make.

This would be the most uncomfortable and growth shifting experience of my life. I signed up with Jesse at the end of June 2019 and within 6 months had paid off the entirety of my six figure coaching program. I ended 2019 with a $74,000 and $85,000 month. Since November of 2019 I have doubled my revenue as a company, having made just shy of $300,000 my previous year to now making close to $600,000 this fiscal year.

There were moments where I didn’t believe that I could do this, that I was mad at even thinking I was the person who could make money and live the dream I was placed on this earth to live.

Believing I could do it - that even when I couldn’t see the result, it existed, it was for me - this was hard AF.

I remember thinking I couldn’t make one of my payments and talking to Jesse before going in to get my hair done. I was pissed, mad that she told me that I was ready for this coaching. When I was done with our call, I did what she asked and made my payment.

This moment CHANGED MY LIFE.

I believed in myself.

Someone else believed in me and held my vision.

It was after this peak discomfort that my ability to show up and serve confidently happened and the money flowed. 

We are here to support you in living in full alignment with Self, so you’re seen by the people you most long to serve. We want to help you make money, create real wealth, and be successful in your service.

No holds barred.
All you.
The Activist.
The Influencer.
The Artist.
The Changemaker.

A short message from Jesse and Sri:

This program is for coaches, healers, visionaries, community builders, influencers, artists, entrepreneurs, and spiritual teachers who are confident in their mastery and are now ready to scale.  

This is a get out into the world program… not a hide behind your screen program.

Matter of fact, you’ll steer the social media (and visibility platforms) vehicle from behind the scenes and pepper that road with content that is so real and radically honest and YOU, that clients will follow you, message you, and ask to meet you! 

We’re closing the gap between you and your clients, so they feel like they already know you before you ever meet, and you never have to cold call again.

I know, I know… if you’ve not been enjoying social media or been avoiding it all together, you’re probably feeling a little fearful right now. Maybe even scared AND excited at the idea of getting out there and letting the real you become SO visible.

You might even think all of these social platforms aren’t for you, that there’s nothing there for you, that’s it not worth the time and effort. Flip the way you see it. It’s a canvas, your artistic expression, and people are craving the core-shaking inspiration that only comes from the real you.

You fear the feedback, the haters, the rejection, the black hole of social media addiction, or worse… the silence. 

We get it, we’ve been there.
We didn’t want any part of the drama either.

We're here to reclaim our virtual spaces for ourselves.

For real social connection.
For powerful spiritual depth.
For true artistic expression.

We're here to be seen and have an impact. To connect, deeply, and help people. To share our hearts, our love, our service. 

And in the process serve more, sell more, earn more. 

This is a chance to step away from superficiality and shine your light with no filters, no painted reality, or anything less than self-honoring expression. 

In Shine Your Light, we’re going to look every bit of this in the face and love the sh#% out of it until it integrates and gets out of your way.   

We’re going to discover (and rediscover!) what more is possible for ourselves, our communities, and all we serve. 

Exposing your soul and self to the world is a vulnerable thing. And it’s also deeply power-building, a liberating ritual to set yourself free. 

And not only that, it unlocks the doors to your wealth flow, creating consistent, unhindered, sky-high revenue.

We’re going to create and hold safe space for you to go deeper into who you really are and how you want to show up in the world. 

We’ll show you how to develop a rare intimacy with your clients, so they feel personally loved and known… before you even meet them!

Think of this: Your increased visibility helps your clients feel seen, heard, and embraced. How’s that for making RADICAL change in this world!?

Express 100% of yourself unapologetically, and it will become your new obsession. 

When you make the agreement with Self to become a part of Shine Your Light, you will experience a rigorous, joyful, at-times-intense curriculum designed to inspire the master (you) to create your masterpiece again and again. 

It will be messy. 
It’s not for the faint of heart.

(Fun note: no one who follows us wants to hold back anymore - you know it, or you wouldn’t be here right now.) 

In a few months, I have learned how to serve more people than ever...

I decided to work with Jesse because I saw the need to substantially increase my impact on others and connect with the larger parts of my vision which I had yet to claim for myself. I wanted to take my ability to bridge my talents, values, and desire for service with those who truly want what I have to offer. I also wanted to gain clarity about the role of money in my business and creating a life with the freedom to invest in the other values I hold sacred instead of a hustle. I knew that the world needs positive healing therapies and the knowledge of Ayurveda more than ever and I desired to be a powerful part of a healing revolution. 

In a few weeks, I learned how to move past many subconscious blocks, get very clear about my vision for my service, and bring dynamic confidence into all other areas of my life including my relationship with my clients, fiancé, God, and my own self. In a few months, I have learned how to serve more people than ever before from a place of abundance and get out of the stickiness that can come with an unevolved approach to business and sales. 

I now move through the world with much more self-responsibility, and a sense of possibility towards my biggest desires to serve and uplift others. I have sustainably increased my income six-fold and can re-invest in my offering, clients, community, teachers and family with ease. So much love to Jesse for her holding an incredible container for me to transform within.  

Yamuna Bihari

Two months in...I have closed my biggest coaching sales ever (21K!!) 

I was overworked, over giving and sick with three autoimmune diseases. I was paying everyone before myself. I thought I had to choose between wealth, health, passion and service - and I couldn't allow myself to be truly supported.   

Two months into my private coaching with Jesse, I have closed my biggest coaching sales ever (21K!!) I've more than doubled my prices and condensed my scope. I feel liberated - time and money feel much more expansive.  

My breakthrough happened when I realized that I cannot be of service if I am sick and have taken myself out. I am MORE THAN WORTHY of SURPLUS!!!!! And I've done the deep soul work and reprogramming around that concept, since I used to be the gal who gave everything away.  

The real beginning of the pivot was on my sales call with Jesse when she asked me what my life would be like if I didn't make these changes. I am not interested in that life at all. I am committed to my growth, to my service and to moving whatever I need to move out of the way to make that happen. What made the difference? Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Being in the messiness and, one step at a time, choosing to put me first. 
Amina AlTai

We know that Shine Your Light isn’t for everyone. 

Feel into this, so you know if this is right for you. 

Shine Your Light is like art school for entrepreneurs.

Together, we’re going to be doing a lot of practice, critiquing, and transformational work to get you to a place of radical honesty and expression that touches your people deeply.

Be you, don’t hold back, and your wealth won’t either.

 I hired Jesse for her energy, her authenticity, and her "no bullshit"

When I first met Jesse, she represented what I wanted to be - she was living the life of her dreams, doing what she loved the most and loving everything about it. 

Her smile made me feel safe - and I hired Jesse for her energy, her authenticity, and her "no bullshit" attitude which she holds while being very loving.

In the two months that we've been working together, I started a new business, generated $36k in revenue in the first month and then did it again. 

This month, I've made $46k so far - and the month isn't over yet. I've learned trust and clarity. I have learned that when I am clear with what I want, feel it in my body and trust that everything is taken care of, everything and anything is possible. I have learned that exponential change is created by the stories that I have in my head, and believing in myself. My life and business have expanded exponentially. I feel I can create whatever I want because I now know, I can make it happen." 

Catalina Sardi

 I’ve turned my company’s monthly revenue into weekly revenue – a 4x increase!

After one month of working together, I’ve turned my company’s monthly revenue into weekly revenue – a 4x increase!

 More than financial growth, the work I’m doing with Jesse is unlocking more than I could have ever anticipated: I have looked at myself honestly, seen the shortcomings, found the willingness to change, and look at this daily on a very personal level. 

This is exactly what I wanted and I’m so grateful. It’s an intense and amazing experience – I feel like I’m getting another 4-year college education in 2 months. 

Jesse’s direct approach has taught me to be both compassionate and straightforward with myself, to strip down my stories with clarity and create the opportunity for change.”
– Felicity Janene

Shine Your Light is a HALLELUJAH program - designed to give you just what you need right now.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • ​The 7 month program runs from December 1, 2020 through July 1, 2021
  • ​December 4-5 is a 2 day kickoff retreat, 12-4pm PST
  • ​3x each month, you’ll have 2 hour sessions with practices and exercises led by JJ & Sri) - Training , Work time/live exercises to create miracle content , Critique/Inquiry
  • ​PLUS 3x each month you’ll have a 1 hour office hours with either Jesse or Sri to get all your coaching questions answered in real time
  • ​A private virtual community to love on you and support you as you are stepping up to your edge
  • ​Thought partners to practice your true expression with in between sessions
  • ​Full group peer support to comment, engage and feedback live and in real time on your platforms (which means you’ll commit to daily posting, daily engagement on each others pages, and daily engagement to build their relationships online)
  • ​A Final Showcase in June where we’ll celebrate your new visibility, authenticity, and freedom.

Wait, hold up. 

Let us be really clear: if you don’t want to deal with social media or your own visibility right now, this is not the program for you. 

If you’d like to push that aside and deal with it later and don’t feel ready to dig deep to release the uncut version of you, then don’t sign up for this program.

If on the other hand, you are ready to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before, find what works for you, and take some big risks, we are here to support you in creating your own soul-sourced content or managing a team who does it for you. 

We’ll even help you find the right team to delegate to.
Point being… you don’t have to do this alone. 

We’re loving the inspirational you, the implementational you, AND the 6 or 7-figure you that’s ready to emerge.
And that’s just it...this is about finding what works for you and what you’re aligned with.

Shine Your Light is for:

  • Movement makers, those who want to go beyond growing a business to creating a movement
  • ​​Those who have a BIG Vision, knowing they are meant to impact the world.
  • ​The person who has followed all the formulas but is still not getting traction, or meeting sales goals
  • ​Anyone who is drawn to go deeper and release your true expression as a means to grow your business
  • ​Coaches, healers, visionaries, community builders, influencers, artists, and spiritual teachers
  • ​Anyone already making money, confident in mastery and now looking for consistent lead gen to grow your influence

This program is for you if you’ve been…

  • Sacrificing your personal preferences to get clients
  • ​Feeling inauthentic, or even rubbed the wrong way, when you’re writing or marketing or on social media
  • ​Haven’t been having fun or ease generating new leads or building new relationships with potential clients
  • ​People pleasing / suppressing your truth
  • ​Afraid of haters
  • ​Experiencing low engagement on your content
  • ​Experiencing low conversion from your content
  • ​Getting low sales
  • ​Talking to the wrong people
  • ​Afraid to get on the phone
  • ​AND you’re ready to flip this ALL around!

If this is you, and this feels right, let’s talk about you joining the program.

Look, we had to learn how to F*$k faking it.

We’ve all been conditioned to behave a certain way, especially when it comes to business. 

We both have repeatedly gone through the discomfort of becoming more visible, so we could express our true selves and be free!

 And you know what?   Unimaginable wealth and prosperity followed. 

And it didn’t mean amassing thousands upon thousands of social media followers. 

Some of you reading this right now have more followers than both of us combined. This program is not about quantity or a numbers game or volume. 

It does have everything to do with quality… the authentic you, and the deep relationship you’re here to have with the people we want to serve. It’s time for all of us to uplevel the quality of and authenticity of our relationships with our current clients and our future clients.  

We will fall in love with the process of building relationships with our ideal clients (instead of dreading the hoops we’re told to jump through). 

This is not a race to ‘ring’ the bell for having hit 1 million fans or getting the plaque to hang on your wall. This program helps us become visible and leverage social media as an artistic outlet for our soulful truth to attract our ideal client with ease. 

Remember, I said that my own journey into visibility on social media was followed by unimaginable wealth? It was the real, uninhibited, unapologetic me that acted as a frequency for my people. When they picked up on that frequency and tuned in, they wanted more.   

Your people will want more of you too.   

This journey started with inviting people to live together with us in India for 3 weeks. There was no hiding the tears that flowed in the temples and the camera was always on. We could not have hidden any part of our imperfections and absolute human-ness had we wanted to. So we didn't. It was a beautiful mess that spilled so much love, consciousness, and vulnerability that there was no escaping the evolution that followed.

This is the break-wide-open experience we want for you. 

It’s as if, when you finally drop the curtain and say, ‘this is me’... you show your people what is possible for them. You give them permission to do the same.   

You free them. 

When you can offer an experience like this, you don’t need millions of people or even tens of thousands of people to get the measly 1% as clients. You can have financial abundance with a small audience or a big audience - we’re here to serve you in connecting with the people you’re actually here to help.  

That’s the difference with Shine Your Light. 

This program guides you through a Visibility & Authenticity ceremony that strips away the veil, so your light shines so bright, your people gravitate to you easily. And it’s also a structured training environment with time for live content creation, feedback, and a deeply engaged community of peers to celebrate you along the way. 

Shine Your Light will help you feel confident in knowing yourself AND when, where, and how to generate leads even if the internet breaks.

Everything you’ll learn during our time together can be applied if the internet breaks, and when COVID is no longer demanding our virtual focus. 

Get ready… we’re about to blow open the doors on your business and wealth potential by going deep, and going through YOU and your mastery, to bring it all out for the world to see.

If you say yes and do the work:

  • You will fall in love with the process of building relationships with your ideal clients
  • ​Your ideal clients will follow, message, and hire you… In fact they will ask to meet with you to be sold to
  • ​People will know who you are. Your numbers (followers, likes, comments) will rise with the RIGHT people
  • ​You will have multiple personalized strategies to unblock when you’re creatively blocked
  • ​You will fall in love with your clients
  • ​You will fall in love with your networking and lead gen processes
  • ​You will use your business to get free, fully expressed, uninhibited, and unapologetic - the more you do this, the more money you will make
  • ​The platforms you use for developing relationships (aka social) will become places you love to hang out and express yourself… you’ll fall in love with what you can create and how you can connect there

And for those of us who are deeply connected with Self & Source, we know we’re here to experience a spiritual journey that will challenge our soul to speak. 

We’re not afraid to walk the path. 

This is a group program for spiritual entrepreneurs ready to uplevel their spirituality, wealth and impact through authenticity & visibility.  

It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s going to be fierce in its love, it’s purifying fire, and it’s impact.  

We’re here to support the planet and create massive change so we can experience MORE of the planet and everyone on it. And it might get messy. 

You down? 

Meet Jesse Johnson
Spirtual Teacher, Money Mentor
Jesse is the CEO and Founder of Jesse Johnson Coaching, Inc., a 7-figure personal development company helping ambitious, soulful entrepreneurs live their purpose, make a huge impact, and increase their revenue–fast! Forever motivated by the deep desire for connection, impact, and service, Jesse helps her clients – master coaches, spiritual teachers, and healers – realize their unique potential for profit, impact, and freedom.
Meet Srikala
Spirtual Teacher, Money Mentor
Srikala is an American singer-songwriter. His Beautiful Dark Moon LP released in 2019 blends insightful and uplifting songwriting over hip hop and reggae rhythm. New Music for 2020 transforms the AfroPop and Contemporary R&B genres to create a unique sound for all music lovers. His single 'Pressure' dropped in July of 2020.
Srikala is committed to community development and uplifting all people to a higher ground.
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